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Sometimes I keep trying out some new rice dishes that are easy, almost instant and don’t need the addition of regular spices like garlic, cloves, cinnamon and bayleaf. We eat, but ,my family doesn’t prefer those kind of spices. So, most of the time I restrict them to only expectional dishes apart from my regular cooking. So, I explore different kinds of rice dishes, sometimes when lazy to cook my regular meal and also, when in a good mood to try out a new dish. One such recipe of my kitchen is this asian fried rice. My family loves this recipe. So, I make it often now a days. I called this recipe asian beacuse the vegetables i used in this are commonly used in east asia.

recipe source: My Own
prep’ time: 30-40 mins(including cooking rice)
serves: 2-3 people


Take all the vegetables you prefer. I usually prefer baby corn, snow peas, green peas, carrots.
I generally don’t use any perfect measurements for this. I usually add lot of veggies as it makes the dish look colorful.

1 tbsp oil
2/3 dry red chillies(adjust to taste)
1/4 tsp black pepper powder
1/2 tsp grated ginger
1.5 cup cooked rice


Take a sturdy wok and add some oil. Once the oil is heated add couple of red chillies. After red chillies are fried properly remove them and place them aside. Now add some grated giner to the same oil used to fry red chillies. Let the ginger paste fry a little. Now add veggies and stir fry them till they are soft and crunchy. Once veggies are done, add required amount of rice in proportionate to the veggies and stir fry. Add black pepper and salt as per your taste. Now as the last step, crush the fried red chillies into small pieces with your hand and add them to the rice.


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I want to start my blogging with the beloved MANGO. Its already mango season. During this mango season most of the andhrites are busy looking for the right time to make pickles. My mom too is busy most of time this part of the year trying to make different kinds of pickles.

Even though I can make many dishes with mango, I have’nt learned making pickles yet. But I did learn some recipes which are instant and are more in taste like pickle. One such recipe is mamidikaya menthimukkalu. My family’s all time favourite. It is instant and more like pickle and good thing is it does not have lots of oil and salt like pickles. For the convenience of non telugu speaking people I have translated this recipe name as pickle seasoned mango pieces. I could not think of better name. Any suggestions are welcome.

recipe source: My Mom
prep’ time: 10 mins

1 small mango finely chopped itno bite size pieces
1 tbsp oil
2 dry red chillies(adjust to taste)
1 tsp mustard seeds
1/4 tsp fenugreek seeds/methi
1/4 tsp cumin seeds/jeera
salt as required
dash of hing
Take a small pan enough to fry the seasoning ingredients. Heat oil and add the seasoning ingredients. Let the mustard seeds splutter.Take the seasoning without oil onto a cutting board and crush them using a rolling pin and add this to the chopped mango pieces. Now add hing to the oil and add this oil to the mango pieces.Add salt according to your taste and mix them well .

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