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Quick Onion Chutney

My mother used to make this chutney very rarely back in my home. Rarely because not everyone in our house was fond of onions and she made it only for the excerptin the family i.e  me of course. I like this chutney better with the cooked onions .But,raw onion works and tastes equally good.This is very simple to make and can be a great spicy sandwich spread ,perfect for any indian bread or rice and can be made in no time.


1 medium onion chopped in any size

1 flake of tamarind piece.Tomato can also be substituted.

If using tomato add 3 grape tomatoes or half of a medium sized tomato

salt to taste

1 tsp red chilly pickle


Cook chopped onion along with tamarind/tomato in a tsp oil.Let cool.Grind this with a tsp of red chilly pickle and season with popu


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Stuffed Potato Bajji

To make these stuffed potato bajjis,baby potatoes are the best pick.


10 baby potatoes
Oil for frying
1/4 cup besan
1 tablespoon rice flour
baking soda
For stuffing
2-3 dry chillies
1 garlic pod
1/4 cumin
1. Make a coarse powder of all ingredients given under stuffing adding a pinch of salt.

2. Make a thin batter of pancake batter consistency,using besan or chick pea flour, rice flour,pinch of baking soda,and a pinch of red chilly powder is desired.

3. Pressure cook potatoes in lightly salted water if desired.
4. Adjust salt as there is salt already in the stuffing and the coating batter.
5. Peel and slit the potatoes either sides making sure both the slits are perpendicular to each other.carefully stuff with the prepared stuffing powder.dip the stuffed potato in the prepared batter for coating.
6. Deep fry till the potato looks golden on all sides.
7. Slice the potato into halves and drizzle some lemon juice and enjoy with chopped onions if desired.

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Happy Varalakshmi Vratham

Hi all
August is month of festivals and every friday is very auspscious for all women in India.With many pujas and festivals coming after this.Lets start our season with varalakshmi puja.I wish all my fellow bloggers happy varalakshmi vratham.I pray varalakshmi to give all the happiness for everybody and bless us with wealth,happiness and prosperous year ahead.


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Vegetable Biryani

Vegetable biryani has been my alltime favourite whether its for a get together or family time whatever it is, I prefer biryani because of the aroma it creates.Thanks to Sudha my cousin who shared her recipe.


Basmati Rice 5 rice cooker cups

Dry Masala

Bay leaves 5

Cloves 3

Elaichi 2

Shahjeera 1 spoon

Oil 5 tablespoon






For Masala

Ginger 1 inch

Garlic 5 pods

Green chilli 7-8 depends on your spice levels

Mint 15-20 leaves

Coriander 3-4 sprigs

Cinnamon 1/2 inch

Cloves 3

Elaichi 2

1.Grind wet masala into fine paste.
2.Heat oil in a wide vessel and add elaichi,bay leaves,cinnamon , cloves fry them and keep them aside.
3.In the same oil add masala paste and fry it until its golden brown
4.Add vegetables one by one , first add beans and potato as they need longer time to fry , slowly add rest of them and cook for 5mins until they change their color
5.Add pudina and curd and wait until they are fried.
6.Add rice and let it get coated with masala and oil mixing them properly and allow it cook for a min or two
7.transfer all these contents into rice cooker , add salt according to taste.Add bayleaves and rest of the fried masalas in the rice.
8. Fill the rice cooker with water in 1:2 ratio and cook

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