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I made this kulfi for my daughter’s third birthday party earlier this week and all of my friends and kids liked it.So here I am posting the recipe.I made about 60 such kulfi ‘s using small paper cups and craft sticks.


1 tin sweetened condensed milk

Heavy whipping cream 1.25 cups

(I measured whipping cream in empty condensed milk can)

1 tbsp MTR Badam feast powder

(alternately saffron,crushed elaichi and other preferred falorings can be added)

1/2 envelope gelatin dissolved in lukewarm water

(alternately ,fruit pectin or china grass can also be used)

crushed unsalted nuts as desired


Fold in condensed milk,whipping cream in a blender and mix just until combined.Add dissolved gelatin,badam feast powder or choice of flavor  and desired nuts.Just stir the mixture gently once and pour into paper cups.Insert a craft stic in the centre.Freeze for 4-5 hours or until it is set firm like icecream.To serve gently tear the paper cup from top and peel off to the bottom.

Enjoy creamy kulfi.


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